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Order TIME FOR PEACE now. The title track was awarded “Best World Beat Song” by the Akademia Music Awards in December 2014.

Album Cover - Time For Peace
Song Time

1. Time for Peace 3:35

2. Fly Away 4:32

3. Stop the Rain 4:00

4. Mama Africa 5:03

5. Glory Days 5:10

6. The Love 3:19

7. Which One 5:17

8. Your Life in My Life 5:35

9. Baby Sister 5:11

10. Like the Water 5:17

11. Plant a Seed 4:05

12. Yes I Know 4:44

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Selasee’s original songs have the unique blend of American Pop, Reggae and West African Hi-life music. With a mix of English and West African lyrics, his unique voice will captivate you instantly.

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